Taking the Plunge

It’s been a long time coming, this plunge into the depths of the blogosphere. How could one more voice even begin to be heard among the cacophony already out there? But God kept pushing and nudging until… well, here it is – another voice.

I will attempt to share in this space some of the wild and crazy things going on in my heart and in my head, and the terrific and exciting ways that God is allowing me to know and experience Him. I will attempt to share bits of my story and how I see God bringing it all together within His greater story. I will attempt to encourage you, my friend, to discover your own story and how God is weaving it into His.

I will attempt, by God’s grace, to explore the grace and love and mercy of our Great God. This, I am sure, will be one of the over-arching themes here, for without the Grace of God, we would be without hope in this world. May we together become more aware of “the exceeding riches of his grace”. (Ephesians 2:7)

Here, I will attempt to stir the fire already burning in your soul – fire ignited by the Creator of all things – and to fan the flames of passion for the One who loves you more than you can ever imagine.

I would like to think there will be no pretension, no hypocrisy, or anything of that nature found within the confines of this space, and here is where I appeal to the grace of God to keep me honest, transparent, authentic and without judgment. I count on my readers to hold me accountable and responsible.

I look forward to conversations with you as we together explore the depths of this Fantastic Reality in which we live – the reality of the grace of God that is beyond comprehension, which must be believed by faith, because there is just no other way to explain it!



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