Something I wrote over a year ago…

Beginning a journey with eyes wide, watching… wondering… what God will plant into the soil of this broken life, plowed deep with time lost and ideals misguided.

This journey of embracing the brokenness of the pride in my heart, pride replaced with heart-break of the things that break the heart of God.  Pride, self-sufficiency shattered into a million shards, swept up and redeemed by Love.

Love that knows no boundaries, infinite perfection… loving Life into a broken vessel, breathing beauty into ashes of dust… a mosaic of struggle and heart-break – art created by the Master, Him knowing the end from the beginning.  Mosaic makes perfect sense to Him who is Wisdom when it’s only a blur to these clouded perceptions, seen through shroud of hot grief and searing blindness.

Will I even then accept grace, groping in the darkness for the Hand that will rescue, redeem, renew?  Is it possible even to lift the head, to say “yes” to this cross of death?  Only as ultimate Love is poured into the brokenness will I find His Grace to bow low under this cross, to fully embrace the surrender of clay, ground into powder, stained with the blood and water of travail.  This cross, instrument of death and healing all bound up in one – mystery of pain and grief and death and life and healing.

Who can understand the mystery?

How death is Life?

How brokenness is perfection?

How the crucible is both painful and glorious?

How the Cross brings both death and healing?

How a million shards are transformed by the Master?


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