Swept Away

About a year and a half ago I prayed a prayer that I don’t think I even really knew was a prayer. Have you ever done that? God in His grace puts something in your heart and before you know it you verbalize it to someone, anyone, whoever happens to be listening at that moment and wouldn’t you know, God hears and answers that heart-cry. But that’s not all – He takes it far beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

So I was convicted about the way I had not been sharing my faith in a community where I find it extremely difficult to do so and made a commitment to educate myself and to learn some practical ways to do it from someone who has been witnessing for 25 years in this community, not only by his life but by his words. Which of course brings up a whole other line of thought about not only living our lives as an example but speaking to others about our faith. I have found that we use the “living but not speaking” cop-out far too quickly and easily.

I shared with a fairly large group of people what God was putting on my heart about educating myself and signed up to take an evangelism class in the spring of 2011. Now I know some will take issue with reducing this exercise to a formula, but bear with me. Having few practical tools on how it could look and not even knowing where to start, I felt I needed something of a frame of reference from which to begin.

And that was the only the beginning of the education God had in mind for me.

From the beginning of March 2011 through the end of the year God gave me the grace to read many books, mostly geared toward spiritual formation and transformation, taking my education one step further. It was quite a ride, I tell you and it feels like I’m still bouncing down over the rapids on this little raft that I can do nothing to even slow down. God has been sweeping me along on this river and I don’t yet see the finish line. I don’t know that I want to ever see a finish line – I want to be a life-long learner, transformed more and more into the image of the One who created me.

But there is more – God is impressing on my heart to continue my education in a formal setting as well, calling me back to school. It’s exciting, exhilarating, scary, and way beyond my wildest dreams!

The most exciting thing of all is that when we open ourselves to God and live open-handedly, no telling what will come of it! For me, it’s taken me on a path of testing my trust and faith even through (especially through) the rapids and believing that wherever He leads me is exactly where He wants me and and knowing that that is exactly where I want to be.

You’ve heard that you should be careful what you ask for – you might get an answer for something you didn’t even quite realize was a prayer.  Has God answered a prayer that you didn’t even really know you prayed or has He answered any other kind of prayer? Would you share your story here and give God glory?


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