Bangladesh – Days 1 & 2

Oh my, I leave this up on my computer and my son sabotages my blog post while I’m off doing other things. I come back hours later and find this…

“I loooooooooooooooove Bangladesh! I wanna live here for ever and ever! Bye-Bye Ohio! It’s been fun, but I found a place that I like better! I will visit every couple of years, don’t worry. But don’t hold your breath!” –Alex

No deep thoughts today – just a bit of what we’ve been doing so far…

Day 1

We try to get over jet-lag – and don’t succeed. The girls take a nap in the afternoon but can’t stay awake past 7 pm. and  sleep 14 hours straight.

Day 2

Slept late – amazingly.

Breakfast brought in by Marland and Alex. Dahl baji and naan.

Headed out to buy 3-piece outfits for the girls.

Lunch at Grassroots Cafe.

Back to the house for a nap and to do laundry.

Off to the house helper’s aunt’s place for Iftar – the breaking of the daily fast during Ramadan. We were taken to the aunt’s place because her house is bigger – two tiny rooms. The food was served from the bed and our family sat on chairs around a tiny table just next to the bed. There were not enough chairs so our friends sat on the bed. We were served deep-fried potato dumplings, deep-fried onion dumplings and deep-fried eggplant, tomatoes and cucumbers, fruit salad, a lentil and potato dish, pineapple, mango, dates and cha.

Beautiful people!


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