We have spent the last two days in the beautiful country of Myanmar. It’s serious rainy season here with downpours imminent at every moment.

We are staying in a quaint turn-of-the-century guesthouse complete with wooden casement windows and lizards running around on the walls (it helps with the bugs, right?) and everything smelling like mothballs and a wonderful breakfast of tea, cake,  toast, eggs and a choice of traditional Burmese fare such as fish gravy over rice noodles or plain rice with boiled garden peas (a type of chickpea).

Yesterday we explored a small part of the city close to where we are staying.

In the afternoon we visited our friend and he showed us around his street and where his “children” live and work. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of fried rice, noodles, chicken and vegetables and lots of tea and coffee.

Back to the guest house to crash at 5:00. We are still waking up anywhere from 3-5 in the morning and by 7 we are ready for bed. Did some laundry in the sink and am having faith that it will be mostly dry by the time we need it again. There is laundry service here but they said it takes 3 days and they can’t take it right now anyway because of the rain. So I’m trying to go with the flow and not get too uptight about anything.

It’s been incredibly tiring to get used to this way of doing things – everything takes tremendous effort and time.

We will spending Saturday and Sunday with our friends then possibly doing some sight-seeing and touring in and around the city the beginning of the week.



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