Back in Bangladesh

It’s been tough getting anything posted on this trip between internet issues and fatigue and tight schedules. We arrived back in Bangladesh early Thursday morning. A friend of our friends brought in lunch for us, then we went to our other friends house for dinner. It was great to connect with them.

We went for a walk around the Parliament building on Friday morning. It was a nice walk until the heat got to us – it is quite hot here!

Around noon we went with our friends Jeremy and Sanny for an afternoon of relaxation. Our kids were introduced to CNG’s – our mode of transportation for the afternoon.

Saturday is a day of worship and rest for the team. We had a time of worship in the morning then were served a tasty lunch of chicken and mashed potatoes. We’ve spent the afternoon resting and thinking about packing up for our trip to Mymensingh.

We leave tomorrow morning (Sunday) for a three-day trip to northern Bangladesh where we will visit MCC projects and do some sight-seeing. We will be going by train and returning by bus.


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