Culture Shock

It’s Monday morning and we’re back in America, an idyllic landscape to be sure. I’m having trouble this morning reconciling what I’ve seen and experienced the last three weeks and my life as I know it here. I mean, really – the difference is mind-boggling. I can’t quite imagine living in places like we’ve visited for a number of years and then coming back to this country. It seems like the culture shock would be more profound coming this way than going that direction. But what do I know? I’ve never done that, so maybe that’s just opinion right there.

Anyway, I am deeply humbled to realize how privileged and blessed and luxurious we live here. You will likely be hearing more about this as I process and share with you the places we’ve been, the things we’ve seen, and most importantly the beautiful people we’ve met and grown to love.

So we’ve gone from this (and yes, people do live and work this close to the tracks in shelters made of salvaged bamboo and tarps)…

To this in the big pile of mail waiting for us…

Seriously, can this be justified? How do you reconcile this – or should we?


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