For the Days When I Forget That No One is Really Out to Get Me

Most days I can remember the important stuff – the things that need done that day, who I am, whose I am, and that the world does not revolve around me. Most days, I can remember that I really am known and loved by God and nothing I do or don’t do will ever change that. Most days I can find it in my heart to believe the best about people. Most days I can believe that no one is out to get me.

But then there are those days (or weeks, or months, or even years) that shake my faith. When I wonder if all those things I believed to be true really are true. When the enemy of my soul wants me to believe (and maybe I even want to believe) I don’t count, that I’m not heard, that others really don’t care about me or my opinions. That I’m not valued. That those around me actually don’t want me to succeed and to do be able to give my best. That I haven’t been given a chance to be more, to be everything I can be. That my potential has been nipped in the bud.

What is it that I’ve really forgotten?

1. That it is not what people say or do that does or does not give me value.

2. That the things that happened to make me feel this way were very likely not intentional.

3. That likely no one is out to intentionally hurt or offend me or anyone else.

4. That no one “out there” could have known everything that accumulated to make that one small thing the straw that broke the camel’s back.

5. That it’s up to me to decide what I choose to believe about myself and others.

6. That what God says about me is what really matters – no one can change that or take it away. He is the one who gives me worth and value.

Will I believe the truth about others, or will I believe my speculations and/or perceptions? Will I choose to believe the best about others and give them and myself the benefit of the doubt?

Usually, like 99% of the time, people are not out to “get” anyone. Our enemy just wants us to think they are. He’s messing with you. Don’t let him. Don’t buy his lies – they’re junk. He wants us to think it’s people who are out to destroy us so we forget that he’s actually the one who wants to destroy us.

Remember – you have value and worth because you’re made in the image of God. No one can take away or destroy the image bearing part of you. God sees His own image in you and He will always value and love you.



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