Reflections on Reading Scripture

This morning as I was doing a bit of reading, I thought back to all the years when I would come to Scripture feeling like I was under pressure to make sure I got out of it exactly what God wanted me to know. I would read every word carefully, slowly, hoping some giant revelation would leap off the page and into my heart. That rarely happened, if ever. Because I didn’t know the heart of Jesus so much as knew the words in the Bible, reading appeased the Pharisee in me and verified what I already thought I knew.

When we have an intimate relationship with Jesus – and by that I mean living in His love and grace – we don’t have to worry so much about understanding what each and every word means; we can simply let them flow over our parched souls and let God bring the meaning He wants us to understand. We can trust that He will show us what He wants us to know and experience.

Here’s to less trying and straining, and more of trusting Him to do the work in me.

Personal note: One thing that has really helped me to be able to come to Scripture in a fresh way is to read it in an unfamiliar translation or paraphrase. When I already know the next word or phrase, it’s easy to zone out. Read it in words you’re not familiar with and just let it wash over you. And don’t over-think it.

Be blessed today!

What has helped you read the Bible with fresh eyes and in new ways? Leave your ideas and experiences in the comments – it may encourage someone today.


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